Below you will find shop FAQs. If you want to view Subscription FAQs, please CLICK.

General questions

Custom tax and VAT

Buyers are responsible for custom tax and VAT.

Can I use discount code?

Discount code does not work on subscription kits and ready to ship kits. It will work with shop items (single sheet stickers etc.), which is currently unavailable at this time.

Do you accept wholesale order?

Yes, please send me and email at [email protected]

Ready to ship kits (USA only)

What is ready to ship kits?

To expedite your delivery and reduce shipping costs, we maintain kit stock at the USA Fulfilment Centre. When you order these ready-to-ship kits, you’ll enjoy quicker delivery and reduced shipping fees. 🚚💨💲

How to purchase ready to ship kits?

Please visit Ready to ship kits section.

Shipping & Delivery

Does the shipment has tracking number?

All orders will be shipped with tracking number.