black friday sale

After closing shop for almost a year. I’m super excited to reopen the shop again! And the perfect time is during Black Friday sale!.This time I’ve prepared cute freebies and fun events~ I apologised that I still haven’t finished adding everything back to the shop, as time is very limited. And I also discontinued some old sticker designs. I hope you can forgive me 😭

freebie conditions

First 100 orders of Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Each sheet have different categories
Food / drinks / work / chores / assorted

I designed a teddy washi tape just for this sale !
Inspired by Korean teddy pajamas and blankets lol

When you purchase an order during the sale. You will receive these freebies!

A cute kitty tiger charm was meant to be a freebies to celebrate Chinese New Year. Sadly I was unable to reopen a shop during that time. I’m glad that I will be able to give it as freebies.

Extra freebie set to collect ~

I hope you like our freebies !