planner boss collective sale (Fall 2023)

I’m extremely thrilled to participate in the Planner Boss Collective Fall Sale! This time around, the inspiration for the freebies came from my brother’s cats. He jokingly suggested that I should draw them, and I couldn’t resist! ๐Ÿ˜„

This time, my mom suggested that we refrain from offering the First 100 orders promotion due to past experiences. It has caused delays on our website and resulted in a less-than-ideal shopping experience for you ๐Ÿ™ I genuinely miss using Shopify!

freebie conditions

When you place an order during the sale, you’ll be eligible to receive these Halloween-themed freebies!

This incredibly adorable acrylic keychain featuring our mascots and a kitty cup is available in limited quantities!

Extra sticker set to collect โค๏ธ

I purchased these pens during my trip to Japan! They boast limited edition Disney designs โค๏ธ

By simply spending $20 USD, you’ll be entitled to the complete sticker set!

10mm Pastel pink washi tape with holo foil!

Cute 15mm washi tapes!

Cute 15mm washi tapes!


  • Our freebies are tiered-freebies.
  • Freebies are calculated based on the order total before any discounts and before accounting for shipping costs.
  • We do not accept combine orders during the sale.
  • Orders placed before the sale begins will not include these new freebies. The sale is set to commerce on Friday, September 22, at 9am EST.
  • Grab bags will not receive discounts during the sale.
  • Subscription kit “Plant mom” and “Autumn Forest” kits will not receive discounts during the sale. However, you will get the subscription freebies.
  • Kits available for one-time purchase will be offered at a 25% discount. However, subscription-exclusive freebies will not be included.
  • [USA ready to ship kits] will also be discounted by 25%. However, please not that you will not receive the freebies with these kits, as they will be shipped directly from the USA fulfilment center. These kits already have exclusive subscription freebies included. Plant mom kit and Autumn Forest kit will not be discounted.
  • [Letter airmail] If you opt for letter air mail as your shipping method, please be aware that due to restrictions, we will include only sticker paper freebies.

I hope you like our freebies โค๏ธ