For those who only wants to purchase sticker sheets. We finally brought back this shipping method to help you lower the shipping cost. However, there are rules and cautions you need to know before choosing this method.


Shipping cost = Depending on the country, but overall the shipping is between $2.5 ~ $4 USD Flate rate.


1. You can only choose 3.5″ x 4.5″ sticker sizes.

2. You can choose stickers up to 20 sheets.

*Please do not choose any other products, because it won’t fit on the letter*


1. Shipping time estimate = 15 – 20 days

2. Unable to track the mail.

3. Only sticker sheet freebies will be given. As this shipping method is limited to paper only. For example; Calendar sticker die cut, Happy Fairy sticker sheet and sticker sheet freebies.

*Since it is not possible to track the page. We will not be responsible for the lost mail.*